Twelve South PlugBug World Travel Charger

by Twelve South

PlugBug World is a 2.1-Amp USB wall charger that attaches to, and converts, any MacBook Power Adapter into a dual charger that works in any major country. PlugBug World lets you charge your MacBook Pro + iPad or iPhone simultaneously, from one outlet. How? PlugBug World piggybacks onto your MacBook Power Adapter, creating a one-of-a-kind, dual charger for MacBook + iPhone or iPad. This unique accessory includes five international snap-on plugs and doubles as an international, stand-alone USB charger for iPhone and iPad.

  • Converts any MacBook Power Adapter to an international charger
  • Includes five AC plugs to convert a MacBook charger to fit most global outlets
  • Powerful 2.1-Amp provides 2x faster charge to iPhone/iPad mini