by GiiKER
Equipped with motion sensors and MCU, Supercube records and tracks your moves in Real Time and wirelessly Sync to the Supercube app on your smart phone or tablet via Bluetooth Low Energy, enabling an interactive way to learn, solve, improve and battle others online like never before! This Supercube i3 Special Edition includes a chic-looking charger and stand for displaying either the cube or your phone, bringing endless fun for cubing!

Quick Solver
Everyone can follow along to solve the puzzle in about 30 moves.

Interactive Tutorial
Teaches you how to solve the puzzle step by step.

Smart Timer
Times your solve and records your moves once you turn.

Advanced Stats
Provides detailed solve stats to help you improve speed.

Mini Games
Use the cube as a controller to play funny games.

Online Battle
Race against other players from the globe live online.

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