Sphero SPRK Edition Robotic Ball

by Sphero
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Blending kids' love of robots with the joy of learning, the Sphero SPRK Edition robot lets your children take control using commands they've programmed with the Sphero app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. They give the robot orders with visual blocks representing code—Sphero's own C-based language called OVAL. Kids immediately see the connection between the program they created and how the guts of Sphero work and react, which can inspire an interest in coding and STEM principles.

SPRK is simple enough for beginners of all ages, yet sophisticated enough for seasoned programmers. The SPRK community is thriving as thousands of kids shape their future through fun and discovery.

  • Teach your robot programs within the SPRK app
  • Visual block-based programming makes it easy to drag and drop commands
  • A text-based code viewer lets you see the language that powers SPRK Edition
  • Take a break from programming and turn your device sideways to drive
  • Control from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
  • Multiple downloadable apps deliver new, inventive ways to engage
  • Integrates with apps built specifically for Sphero
  • Customize the color of SPRK Edition's internal LED lights right from your iOS device
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