ROLI Seaboard RISE 25 MIDI Controller

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Seaboard RISE is a next-generation MIDI controller with unprecedented expressive capabilities. Create new sonic possibilities by playing a keyboard whose soft, pressure-sensitive, continuous surface responds to even the subtlest gestures.

Explore sound in five dimensions
The multidimensional Seaboard RISE lets you control sound through five dimensions of touch: Strike, Glide, Slide, Press and Lift. It moves far beyond the expressive limitations of a standard keyboard, opening up new ways to make and shape music.

Wireless and portable
The Seaboard RISE 25 is wireless using MIDI over Bluetooth. This makes it even more portable around the studio or home — or on the road.

Find your perfect sound
Every Seaboard RISE 25 comes with our Equator soft synth. Equator includes over 350 presets crafted by ROLI’s sound design team. Spanning acoustic, electronic, and hybrid sounds, they are all designed for multidimensional polyphonic expression.

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