Opro9 Smart Air Purifier

by Opro9
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Air pollution has became a topic of concern lately. The extra cost of consumer products is often to be a big concern for almost people. Smart Air Purifier simulates the principle of natural water mist purifica- tion and Anion Absorption Technology. This is an environmental filter-free Air Purifier - the water mist filter system has a distinct twin-turbo fan patented design, enhancing the water mist and air absorption capacity.
It using Rotary Centrifugal Force Technology to provide the water mist,which can clean the foul air, and it also can filter out a large number of fine particles in the air, such as smoke and air pollution.

The machine built-in PM2.5 dust sensor, when test smoke and dust in the air around more than standard, the machine automatically start the water washing operation and turn on the anion generator func- tion, when a large number of negative air ion has released, it can decompose the foul gas, and self-clean the air surround to provide a fresher and cleaner home.

The value of PM2.5 air quality display light can be detected at any time and be displayed with the five intuitive colors light. it will let user notice the air quality been changed from a long distance; these lights can also use as a romantic light when in the manual lighting mode.

The exterior design matches with the modern furniture and interior house design, a curved and white control panel, can easily fit with all furniture and house design. The operating system is using the clear and simple touch keys or the Application of Apple Home.