Galaxy ZEGA Leo & Gondar Battle Toys

by Galaxy ZEGA

Leo and Gondar are new additions to the Galaxy ZEGA line of battle toys that powerfully integrate the best of virtual games and physical toys. These toys give you and other players an unprecedented face-to-face sports gaming experience that offers attack, speed, defense, and versatility. The crawler- type design gives ZEGAs fluid control and handling. You can use iPhone or iPad to control your ZEGAs as you battle with friends in your living room, office, or nearly anywhere else.

Automatic Bluetooth connectivity supports one-on-one face-offs or team battles among two to four players. Multiple game modes such as survival mode and flag-capture mode also add a unique sports dimension to the product. Diversified battle and skill systems affect your opponent's mobility and attack or enhance your teammates' HP, weapons, and more. You can also further expand capabilities with separate-purchase extras such as BUFF, DEBUFF, and various battle skills in virtual games.

Galaxy ZEGA embodies the design philosophy R2F (Ready to Fight), which lets you start playing as soon as you've unpacked your battle toys. They deliver excellent adaptability and maneuverability, along with personalized stickers, battle maps you can freely assemble, and optional peripheral parts that deepen your experience.

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