Sphero Indi At-Home Learning Kit

by Sphero

Speed into STEAM with indi—the most approachable entry-level learning robot for kids. indi inspires imaginative, play-based learning by empowering kids to design and build their own mazes while teaching critical problem-solving and computational thinking skills. With its on-board color sensor and color tiles, indi provides endless opportunities to rev kids’ creativity with or without the need for an app.

Our indi learning robot offers both unplugged and connected coding experiences that sharpen creative problem-solving and computational thinking skills. Students learn cause and effect, pattern recognition, the basics of block coding, and abstraction—all while having fun!

Control how indi reacts to the world through intuitive yet powerful programming blocks. Reprogram how indi responds to different colors by choosing from a variety of movements, lights, and sounds that appear when you navigate over the associated color tile.

Sphero Indi’s printed guides and materials will steer you in the right direction for getting started with problem solving and learning the basics of computational thinking.