Twelve South CableSnap Leather Cable Organizer

by Twelve South

CableSnaps are dapper leather wraps that keep your cables neatly coiled and tangle free. Sold in packs of three, each set includes one large and two small cable managers. Use the large CableSnap to neatly manage your 2-meter long MacBook USB-C charging cable on the go. The small wraps are perfect for your smaller cabled accessories like your Lightning Cable and EarPods. Each CableSnap also has a mini cable-loop that keeps your CableSnaps with their cables so you don't lose them (perfect for the new MacBool). A black metal snap keeps them securely closed until you're ready to unwrap.

  • Genuine leather CableSnaps keep unruly cords coiled and organized.
  • Incorporated mini belt-loop keeps CableSnaps attached when cord is in use.
  • Includes two sizes -1 Large CableSnap to hold MacBook USB-C charging cords and 2 Small CableSnaps to hold earbuds and other charging/syncing cables.