Opro9 SmartDiaper

by Opro9
Tells you the best time to change diapers
The SmartDiaper App shows four phases of your baby’s toilet break, from a smiling face to a crying face. When your baby pees, you don’t need to immediately replace the diaper, as the sensor will reach a certain temperature and humidity to show you through the app when your baby is ready for a new diaper (indicated in the App by a crying face). At this time, the phone will sound an alarm to remind you to replace your baby's diaper. Therefore it can tell you what the best time to change it and keep your baby dry and comfortable.

Save your money by reducing wasteful diaper change
With this device, you don't need to blindly change your baby’s diaper if they start crying. SmartDiaper will remind you when is the best time to change diapers by reaching specific temperature and humidity levels when your baby pees. You can save your money by preventing wasteful diaper changes with this product.

Reduce the chances of diaper rash
A baby's skin can get irritated when a wet diaper is left on for too long and urine (or the diaper itself) rubs against the skin repeatedly, allowing bacteria and fungi to grow. SmartDiaper can accurately calculate the right time to change your baby’s diaper by measuring the diaper’s temperature and humidity, which will reach a certain point before the App reminds you that your baby needs its diaper changed. The SmartDiaper can prevent nasty diaper rash and help you keep an eye on any confusing or worrying trends in the frequency or time your baby pees.

Get a Jump on Potty Training
SmartDiaper automatically records the time and frequency of your baby’s bathroom habits and exactly when their diaper was last replaced. You can use the Opro9 App Data to predict the next time your baby will pee and bring them to the toilet beforehand! This will allow you to potty train them faster and save tons of time.

Instant alerts if your baby is too far away
SmartDiaper functions via Bluetooth 4.0 connection, and if the SmartDiaper loses connection with your phone’s app, your phone will remind you to reconnect with the device and stay closer to your baby. The App will send you instant alerts if your baby moves too far away from your phone, so you can have peace of mind in always knowing their diaper’s status and that your baby is nearby.

Suitable for Babies and Toddlers
As babies are always growing, SmartDiaper is available in two silicone bands, suitable for two age groups. It fits the diapers of young children of all ages, stages and sizes.
Suggested age ranges: Small Band - 0-8 months | Large Band - 8+ months

Monitor the diaper status of multiple children simultaneously
The App can support up to five device connections to your phone. This means that the SmartDiaper App will allow you to monitor 5 different babies with 5 separate SmartDiaper devices.

Long battery life
The SmartDiaper’s battery can last for more than 5 months of full-time operation with the App in the background, allowing you to use it long-term and reducing the cost and hassle of battery changes.

Safety certification
The device is made of non-toxic silicone (standard safety certification), with many international safty regulation certifications, including the FCC (U.S.), CE Union(E.U.), NCC, TELEC (Japan), SRRC(China), SGS and more, so that parents can be more assured of its safety for their child.